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I make playlists on Spotify mostly consisting music from the '70s, '80s, and the early '90s. But on the albums I have saved are totally off with the playlists. Things like Michael Buble and random trumpeters who I've only heard one song by. I need to clean up my Spotify stuff soon.

I really do think I should have been a teenager in the eighties. I was born in 1990, so that idea was dashed. ....  I listened to a lot of angry music as a teen. If I hear it now, it just bothers me to pieces, making me wonder why I even listened to that crap.  I don't even know who listened to now. I do know I learned to enjoy an angry piano thru The Dresden Dolls. Now, I LOVE a good acoustic guitar. :D Craig Chaquico, Acoustic Alchemy, Acoustic Cafe CD from Romancing the Stone store in the mall. I want to learn guitar, but I'll have to have a junior guitar since my mom's guitar is way to big for me.  It took over and you might would have seen a hand trying to play chords....Now i have ukulele!  I hope to play along with Jimmy Buffett CDs in the future. 

Music is my life. Hell, I get emotional at most Olympic opening ceremonies; we had to change the channel for the Chinese one....I was crying...I also used to cry at the Sheba cat food commercial when I was a toddler. If anyone changed it to something else, it would get worse, so back to Sheba we went. XD 

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