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 Sorry for not being around much, guys and gals! I haven't too good mentally, so I've been putting things off. I am positively sure that you all have had a better time these past few days than my obsessing mind has! Ha!

 I am finding that I like the quiet more and more. It's so nice have no noise calling for my attention. The highlight of my day has been reading randomly on Pottermore....for three hours. Good times...

 Also, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week since you're less likely to be run over while you walk to the post office or library. Oddly, the library opens at ten on Tuesdays, while it opens at twelve or one during of the week; Saturday is closed. 

 My mind is tired of the news. My mom has political posters framed and a friend sent her pussy hat. I'm just of the whole thing. I am thinking of hiding in my bedcovers while she watches MSNBC. I wish Clinton had won so I don't freak out at night all the time. *headdesk* 

...I do like the poster that looks like an old movie poster with Elizabeth Warren...


Date: 2017-05-02 11:53 pm (UTC)
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There's a lot to be outraged about. I mean, there always is, but it's pretty intense right now. And exhausting. I've stepped back. I don't really post about it, though I have my anger and causes and passion, but it's too much every day. Sometimes you just gotta read and dream and float a while.


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