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 Hey, all!

I think I'll be becoming a member of the Tolkien Society around my birthday (August)!!!

SO excited! Tolkien's works are the NUMBER ONE thing that I can always go back to-- except Lewis Carroll's works. ;D I love Sylvie & Bruno WAY better than the Alice stories.

Anyway, I have not posted on a journaling site in about two years or more. I left LJ and the rest you now know.

Here's a little bit about me: I love the ocean, even if I've only been once, thus, somehow, I am I love with Radio Margaritaville, JImmy Buffett, and Coastal Living magazine. XD And I've picked-up photography, and I have left off learning Japanese, because I'm tired of people pestering me about it, and because my favorite anime are dubbed in English, so there.

I have a cat named Whippersnapper, but we called Snapper. She'll be nine this October and her black fur is turning brown. I have no idea if this a type fur-tan, or she's greying cat-style. AND we(my mother and I) also have a Westie basically just given to us, and her name is Scout; she is named after little girl in To Kill a Mockingbird. ^___^

I'mma gonna go now. :D I have things to do and I'm hungry. ;)



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