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Hey, all!

Wow! I have been having an 'interest-a-coaster', which means that I haven't been able to find anything that interests me half the time,and the other half is confused over what to like! 'Ello, confusion! Today I woke-up wanting to read this HUGE book on the universe. I ended-up having to dig around my room to find it. After digging in the closet and under the bed, the interest flew away. -_- That in itself is annoying beyond measure. GAH! 

...I did find that book, by the way.

It's funny...I wake-up all happy and not confused, but as the day progresses on, the cheese slooooowly slides off my cracker. 

This is my life as of late. How 'bout you? 



May. 25th, 2017 05:16 pm
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 I'm getting sick while using electronics again. So, I'm taking a hiatus.



EDIT: Screw this shit! I've had some issues, but I can't make myself stay away. ;D I love this place too much!


May. 22nd, 2017 10:23 am
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 Would you lookie there? I'm not posting on my tablet, but on my computer! Finally, I say!

Thanks to all who posted nice comments to me! :D *hugs*

How is everyone??? I'm feeling wonderful today. I am just jammin' to Carole King, waiting for the mail to come by, and I plan on installing some awesome games on this machine, I went to the thrift store Friday, and guess what i got for $2? World of Warcraft with a thick  Bradygames(sp?) game guide. To me. it looks like an online version of the original Neverwinter Nights, you know, the one that was solely offline. I once had the platinum version (original game and two expansion packs) and it didn't like me after owning it for about eight years. :P I eventually had to make notes on how to install it correctly or else it was attack me instead of that drow in the corner.

In other news, I have been very mean to myself, beating myself up and doubting a lot. I don't know why I do that. And it is always worse at night. O__o I don't get it.

Been rereading Harry Potter lately. At some point, I had donated a lot of my books, HP along with them. So, I'm getting them slowly back in beat-up paperback form. ((( Something about a really used book makes me want to love it more. Anyone else like this?  )))  I only have books 1-3 so far, but that's okay. Oh! If you have read the Harry Potter series, what is your favorite book? Mine used to be book three, but after a few years, it drifted to book two. Now, I like books 1-4 the best.

Has anyone read the Inkheart Trilogy, the Earthsea series, or the Enchanted Forest Chronicles? I had Inkheart,  but that too was donated. I'm just wondering as I really want to read these. I did start Earthsea and Enchanted FC with books from the library but there's this thing that happens when I like a library book: I love it and want to own the book, so I put it back, knowing I might kidnap the damn book......I would never do that, as the library is a place where I can print things off at and yell at the librarian about how the library's edition of Jane Eyre is a child's edition with only 15 some odd pages. ((( they really cater to the older women who go to the library; every new book is like an Amish or Christian romance novel. Nothing wrong with that, but there are hardly any new books for other genres.)))

Now I feel like going there! They open at odd times, the library that is. On Tuesdays, it's ten o'clock. Monday and Wednesday thru Friday the library opens at either twelve or one o'clock. O_O Very hard to keep up with! 

I will leave you with that mini-library rant and go check the mail. 

*hugs to all!*
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 SO sorry for not being around! More mental illness fun. *yippie!* D;


I will write a longer -and happier! -post later today.

Also, how is everybody? Tell meh! ^__^

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 Sorry for not being around much, guys and gals! I haven't too good mentally, so I've been putting things off. I am positively sure that you all have had a better time these past few days than my obsessing mind has! Ha!

 I am finding that I like the quiet more and more. It's so nice have no noise calling for my attention. The highlight of my day has been reading randomly on Pottermore....for three hours. Good times...

 Also, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week since you're less likely to be run over while you walk to the post office or library. Oddly, the library opens at ten on Tuesdays, while it opens at twelve or one during of the week; Saturday is closed. 

 My mind is tired of the news. My mom has political posters framed and a friend sent her pussy hat. I'm just of the whole thing. I am thinking of hiding in my bedcovers while she watches MSNBC. I wish Clinton had won so I don't freak out at night all the time. *headdesk* 

...I do like the poster that looks like an old movie poster with Elizabeth Warren...



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