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Happy Easter!
Happy late-Ostara!
Happy early-Vesak!
Happy Sunday!
And a happy egg-hunting to those of you who are on DragonCave! 

Yes! I follow none of these holidays, as I'm trying to stay more philosophical instead of religious, since religions somehow warp my mind. It's weird, really, being where even looking at a passing book or a brief mentioning of a religious kind makes my mind 'click!' and off I go into a mental-meltdown of 'godly' proportions! AKA, I get sick mentally from religion. Plus, I like to question things others have no answers for. ^_^ (yay!)

Anyway....I am really liking Taoism. *brings out the sparklers for this wonderful thing* It's just 'flowy' and 'chilled-out' and I have nothing scary waiting for me at the back door. I must really commend The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet books. Good stuff. I want some more Taoist books; there are hardly any good websites on the subject...maybe everybody is off the Internet and living. ^_^ I am also glad that I have a how-to book for Ta'i Chi. 

In other news, I plan on doing whatever tickles my fancy today, like installing games on this Mac laptop that is running Windows 7. It once ran Mac, then Linuix, and now Windows 7, all thanks to me. (I like being complicated.) Oh! Do any of you remember Lisa Frank stuff from the '90s? They have an adult coloring book out! It looks awesome and is very detailed. I am so glad my markers have thin tips. 



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