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I went to bed last night and stayed-up, in the dark, until 1:30 I think, as the last time I looked at the clock on my tablet it was 1:23. Odd time, huh?:P I'm now at the point where I'm thinking of moves on random objects in the house, like salt shakers and my mother's face. XD Something similar happened when I was really into Sims 2. I would compare things i real life to Sims 2 and think of responses to things in Simlish. O_O

I think I'm going to install Sims 3 today. I no longer have Sims 2, and I haven't played Sims 3, which I found in some garbage cans along with other goodies, Books, an old NES console(it was dead), and a thing of Martha Stewart brand multi-colored glitter. Very useful that glitter. XD

Anyway, I have continued to find great things in the thrift store lately. A Kodak camera for eight dollars, which turned out to used to belong to a family friend and it's in great condition, practically new; all I need is a USB cord to fit. I was going to buy some great classic movies on VHS, The African Queen and To Kill a Mockingbird, but I wanted the camera really bad since my old one doesn't like to play nice anymore. And I figure the tapes are still in the "$3 for $1" bin on a counter near the door. 'Yay!' for me.

Also, I need to stop running off from DW! I love this place! I'll comment on your posts later, as my mom has emerged from her cave AKA bedroom and i want to go annoy her for awhile, HA! 




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