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Sorry for not posting much the past couple of weeks. I've been confused/depressed (mental illness style) and I've finally figured out tonight that if I'm busy, I don't become depressed or confused and actually act like a real mutated-human* being! Yay!

Anyway, I have read some "new" fantasy fiction. It's a compilation of short stories by this gal Meredith Pierce.** The stories all have some sort of water theme with them, like snow or ice or water or whatever. I really enjoyed the first two stories and I'm now on the third, Icerose.

I finally installed Sims 3 again the other day. And again, I haven't played it yet. Do any of you play the Sims games? I used to have some of the Nintendo DS ones like Sims Kingdom and Sims Castaway(this one was pretty cool).

It's funny...I usually read more than book at a time. This session is:
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (light reading)
  • The Portable Dorothy Parker (love, love this gal's work!)
  • Miss Emily ( a novel about Emily Dickinson and her maid is Ada right?)
  • Waters Luminous and Deep (my water book)

I need to get started reading my National Geographics. It automatically reissued itself this month and I already have over 20 issues to read. I've only complete two, the dolphin and Pluto issues. I also meant to go back and look at the foldout graphs about the dolphins and never did. .... It's been well over a year and a half.....  >_<

Anyway, I'm going to get off now. I'm getting sleepy, but I'm not sleepy. I think I'll blame the lullaby of Cllickey operating on the letter 'C', which sounds like an old typewriter.***


*Autism is a cell mutation(yay for reading HHMI!), every time I think about it, I realized I'm basically a mutant!
**The author's name makes me think of that classic movie Mildred Pierce. Love it!
***Go have fun with your soon-to-be noisy keyboard!

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Hey-hey, everyone!

I've been a hermitess online lately, as you all know. My friend Christina got me out of it, because I received an email and I wanted to reply. Now, how great is that??? She also sent me a pretty birthday card (Yay!) and without her emails my inbox would be full of tumbleweed.

Anyway, I've been in a good mood lately. ^_^ Also, I began making jewelry again. I've already made my sister two bracelets that match, and I'm going to make another for her. [[my mom and I decided that my sister's hair makes us think of "sister golden hair surprise"]] I have always wanted my sister's red hair, but, being a brunette, I also know it wouldn't work.

I guess this is my contribution to socialization. I hope I feel like posting later. :D

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I always get "witchy" in the fall. Hell, I've already made ogham staves for myself and decorated them! O_O

I love, love, LOVE divination. I'm pretty good with tarot cards, and what sucks is that I do not own any at the moment. :( BUT, I found a site where I can print some off. I don't have a living printer at the moment, so that means a trip to the library. Every page printed is 25 cents. Luckily, I found some mini tarot cards that are only four pages! And some cool 'how-to' deal that is two pages - I've forgotten a lot - and so I just need $1.50 for the printer. ^___^


"Don't you love fall in New York? Reminds me of school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if I only knew your name and address" - You've Got Mail

^That is my favorite movie hands down. I could probably watch it all day and not get tired of it.


Another reason to love autumn is the fact of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins' birthday on September 22nd! WHOO! I always try to read Fellowship of the Ring on their birthday, but never go very far in the book. D:< Gah! * flails* What is wrong with this picture! It's not like there is a local pub nearby singing hobbit drinking songs as I live in a dry county who probably doesn't approve of halflings of any kind. Remember: Hobbits Are a Tolkien Minority!*


I have somehow made the top of my nightstand fantasyland. Mini copy of Middle-earth above it, Japanese how-to set on it, along with a fantasy/sci-fi short stories book, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a trilogy of five, and VHS tapes of LOTR:FOTR and the first Harry Potter movie. In front of all those books are two Entertainment Weekly 'zines about Star Trek and Star Wars, and a special magazine about Tolkien/ Tolkien's world. AND and a mass market paperback copy of Redwall I am going to read at some point soon (hopefully).


Well...I guess I have filled you in somewhat....or something....

HOW are you all?


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 Sorry for not posting for over a month! I've been icky with my mental illnesses and I have just now 'simmered down' I guess you could say. :P

I don't really have any news. -_-

  • I found a VERY cute tarot app that is called Kawaii Tarot. I haven't gone crazy with it yet, but I love it so far. The maker of the app also has a website with little extras.
  • Also along the lines of Tarot, I found some mini-Tarot you can print out. :D My tarot decks are no longer with me, so this looks good to me. I just need a printer...I am worried I'll be printing it off at the library. D: 
  • More paper news! Paper runes! YE-AH! 
  • Does anyone do ogham staves? I got the perfect pieces of wood (it's meant to be put into pretty decorations or some shit) and I just need a list of the staves. 
This whole past week has been great for me. I've been feeling like my true self. It's nice to be myself. I haven't felt this way since I was 14! Really! No kidding. Oh! I'm turning 27 on the 22nd this month! Whooo! I love it. ^_^

How have you all been???




Jul. 12th, 2017 08:26 pm
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 Does anyone play games from Aeria Games? If so, what do you play? I'm downloading Ragnarok 2 and Twin Saga. I've never really played a MMORPG before. *is shy*

Does anyone have any tips/advice for play a MMORPG?


P.S. I have the hots for the musical duo 2cellos. I never knew that cellos could sound grungy/hard and look so good.
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Hey, all!

Wow! I have been having an 'interest-a-coaster', which means that I haven't been able to find anything that interests me half the time,and the other half is confused over what to like! 'Ello, confusion! Today I woke-up wanting to read this HUGE book on the universe. I ended-up having to dig around my room to find it. After digging in the closet and under the bed, the interest flew away. -_- That in itself is annoying beyond measure. GAH! 

...I did find that book, by the way.

It's funny...I wake-up all happy and not confused, but as the day progresses on, the cheese slooooowly slides off my cracker. 

This is my life as of late. How 'bout you? 

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Candy Crush.... 


I went to bed last night and stayed-up, in the dark, until 1:30 I think, as the last time I looked at the clock on my tablet it was 1:23. Odd time, huh?:P I'm now at the point where I'm thinking of moves on random objects in the house, like salt shakers and my mother's face. XD Something similar happened when I was really into Sims 2. I would compare things i real life to Sims 2 and think of responses to things in Simlish. O_O

I think I'm going to install Sims 3 today. I no longer have Sims 2, and I haven't played Sims 3, which I found in some garbage cans along with other goodies, Books, an old NES console(it was dead), and a thing of Martha Stewart brand multi-colored glitter. Very useful that glitter. XD

Anyway, I have continued to find great things in the thrift store lately. A Kodak camera for eight dollars, which turned out to used to belong to a family friend and it's in great condition, practically new; all I need is a USB cord to fit. I was going to buy some great classic movies on VHS, The African Queen and To Kill a Mockingbird, but I wanted the camera really bad since my old one doesn't like to play nice anymore. And I figure the tapes are still in the "$3 for $1" bin on a counter near the door. 'Yay!' for me.

Also, I need to stop running off from DW! I love this place! I'll comment on your posts later, as my mom has emerged from her cave AKA bedroom and i want to go annoy her for awhile, HA! 




May. 25th, 2017 05:16 pm
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 I'm getting sick while using electronics again. So, I'm taking a hiatus.



EDIT: Screw this shit! I've had some issues, but I can't make myself stay away. ;D I love this place too much!
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 I went to the library I like to complain about yesterday... has the better!!!

The hours are now ten to five o'clock. They have new books in the fantasy and YA genres. The printer worked. And, best of all, I saw someone come in and they went straight to the books, not the computer room! *jumps up and down in joy*


Yesterday was the BEST. DAY. EVER! I have not been this happy in ages it feels like. And it continued on into the afternoon and evening and now! :D I laughed at things. I spent money correctly when buying antacids for myself. I made my mom mad when we stopped at the library (again for me, I walked the first time) for making her wait too long. I'm smiling as I type!


It all started when I remembered this Taoist stuffed I've read and made a goal that I would have a good day. That day was GREAT!!!!! I've made that same goal today too! :D

^______^ Happy, happy, joy, joy!  



May. 22nd, 2017 10:23 am
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 Would you lookie there? I'm not posting on my tablet, but on my computer! Finally, I say!

Thanks to all who posted nice comments to me! :D *hugs*

How is everyone??? I'm feeling wonderful today. I am just jammin' to Carole King, waiting for the mail to come by, and I plan on installing some awesome games on this machine, I went to the thrift store Friday, and guess what i got for $2? World of Warcraft with a thick  Bradygames(sp?) game guide. To me. it looks like an online version of the original Neverwinter Nights, you know, the one that was solely offline. I once had the platinum version (original game and two expansion packs) and it didn't like me after owning it for about eight years. :P I eventually had to make notes on how to install it correctly or else it was attack me instead of that drow in the corner.

In other news, I have been very mean to myself, beating myself up and doubting a lot. I don't know why I do that. And it is always worse at night. O__o I don't get it.

Been rereading Harry Potter lately. At some point, I had donated a lot of my books, HP along with them. So, I'm getting them slowly back in beat-up paperback form. ((( Something about a really used book makes me want to love it more. Anyone else like this?  )))  I only have books 1-3 so far, but that's okay. Oh! If you have read the Harry Potter series, what is your favorite book? Mine used to be book three, but after a few years, it drifted to book two. Now, I like books 1-4 the best.

Has anyone read the Inkheart Trilogy, the Earthsea series, or the Enchanted Forest Chronicles? I had Inkheart,  but that too was donated. I'm just wondering as I really want to read these. I did start Earthsea and Enchanted FC with books from the library but there's this thing that happens when I like a library book: I love it and want to own the book, so I put it back, knowing I might kidnap the damn book......I would never do that, as the library is a place where I can print things off at and yell at the librarian about how the library's edition of Jane Eyre is a child's edition with only 15 some odd pages. ((( they really cater to the older women who go to the library; every new book is like an Amish or Christian romance novel. Nothing wrong with that, but there are hardly any new books for other genres.)))

Now I feel like going there! They open at odd times, the library that is. On Tuesdays, it's ten o'clock. Monday and Wednesday thru Friday the library opens at either twelve or one o'clock. O_O Very hard to keep up with! 

I will leave you with that mini-library rant and go check the mail. 

*hugs to all!*
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 Thanks to those who wished me well! I'm okay, I guess. I'm in an introvert mode of sorts. Sorry 'bout not talking much. It's like I just want to dive into the covers on my bed and make a cocoon out of pillows, blankets, and handmade bunnies* wearing dresses! Anyway, I have not done much (obviously) and have stayed in gowns and jammies for months actually. It's cozy, but lazy.

Time to hide some more,

*I love thrift stores, don't you?
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 SO sorry for not being around! More mental illness fun. *yippie!* D;


I will write a longer -and happier! -post later today.

Also, how is everybody? Tell meh! ^__^

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 Sorry for not being around much, guys and gals! I haven't too good mentally, so I've been putting things off. I am positively sure that you all have had a better time these past few days than my obsessing mind has! Ha!

 I am finding that I like the quiet more and more. It's so nice have no noise calling for my attention. The highlight of my day has been reading randomly on Pottermore....for three hours. Good times...

 Also, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week since you're less likely to be run over while you walk to the post office or library. Oddly, the library opens at ten on Tuesdays, while it opens at twelve or one during of the week; Saturday is closed. 

 My mind is tired of the news. My mom has political posters framed and a friend sent her pussy hat. I'm just of the whole thing. I am thinking of hiding in my bedcovers while she watches MSNBC. I wish Clinton had won so I don't freak out at night all the time. *headdesk* 

...I do like the poster that looks like an old movie poster with Elizabeth Warren...

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 My laptop has been proving that the analogy about being slower than molasses is true. I'm thinking of plugging it in a little bit, hoping it won't make me turn it off while trying to install Bejeweled 3.

I promise to reply to all of your comments soon-ish!

I hope....


EDIT: I plugged it in and it had to configure updates for a bit, and I found it is no longer a friend of mine, as games make it lag. I wonder how PaintNet will react...I want to make some Cary Grant wallpapers. Does anyone know of program for android that you can make graphics with???!
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I make playlists on Spotify mostly consisting music from the '70s, '80s, and the early '90s. But on the albums I have saved are totally off with the playlists. Things like Michael Buble and random trumpeters who I've only heard one song by. I need to clean up my Spotify stuff soon.

I really do think I should have been a teenager in the eighties. I was born in 1990, so that idea was dashed. ....  I listened to a lot of angry music as a teen. If I hear it now, it just bothers me to pieces, making me wonder why I even listened to that crap.  I don't even know who listened to now. I do know I learned to enjoy an angry piano thru The Dresden Dolls. Now, I LOVE a good acoustic guitar. :D Craig Chaquico, Acoustic Alchemy, Acoustic Cafe CD from Romancing the Stone store in the mall. I want to learn guitar, but I'll have to have a junior guitar since my mom's guitar is way to big for me.  It took over and you might would have seen a hand trying to play chords....Now i have ukulele!  I hope to play along with Jimmy Buffett CDs in the future. 

Music is my life. Hell, I get emotional at most Olympic opening ceremonies; we had to change the channel for the Chinese one....I was crying...I also used to cry at the Sheba cat food commercial when I was a toddler. If anyone changed it to something else, it would get worse, so back to Sheba we went. XD 



Apr. 17th, 2017 01:41 pm
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 Ginger ale is one of those drinks that will not happily bubble over and make your kitchen countertops sticky....


just a thought


P.S. Welcome to my train of thoughts that pass by and whisper things like that to me often.
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Happy Easter!
Happy late-Ostara!
Happy early-Vesak!
Happy Sunday!
And a happy egg-hunting to those of you who are on DragonCave! 

Yes! I follow none of these holidays, as I'm trying to stay more philosophical instead of religious, since religions somehow warp my mind. It's weird, really, being where even looking at a passing book or a brief mentioning of a religious kind makes my mind 'click!' and off I go into a mental-meltdown of 'godly' proportions! AKA, I get sick mentally from religion. Plus, I like to question things others have no answers for. ^_^ (yay!)

Anyway....I am really liking Taoism. *brings out the sparklers for this wonderful thing* It's just 'flowy' and 'chilled-out' and I have nothing scary waiting for me at the back door. I must really commend The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet books. Good stuff. I want some more Taoist books; there are hardly any good websites on the subject...maybe everybody is off the Internet and living. ^_^ I am also glad that I have a how-to book for Ta'i Chi. 

In other news, I plan on doing whatever tickles my fancy today, like installing games on this Mac laptop that is running Windows 7. It once ran Mac, then Linuix, and now Windows 7, all thanks to me. (I like being complicated.) Oh! Do any of you remember Lisa Frank stuff from the '90s? They have an adult coloring book out! It looks awesome and is very detailed. I am so glad my markers have thin tips. 

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....but after reading the newsletter from DW, I thought it would be a good idea to come back. ^_^ 

Anything you want to know about me?


P.S. I never joined the Tolkien Society mentioned in the last post by-the-by. ;D
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 Hey, all!

I think I'll be becoming a member of the Tolkien Society around my birthday (August)!!!

SO excited! Tolkien's works are the NUMBER ONE thing that I can always go back to-- except Lewis Carroll's works. ;D I love Sylvie & Bruno WAY better than the Alice stories.

Anyway, I have not posted on a journaling site in about two years or more. I left LJ and the rest you now know.

Here's a little bit about me: I love the ocean, even if I've only been once, thus, somehow, I am I love with Radio Margaritaville, JImmy Buffett, and Coastal Living magazine. XD And I've picked-up photography, and I have left off learning Japanese, because I'm tired of people pestering me about it, and because my favorite anime are dubbed in English, so there.

I have a cat named Whippersnapper, but we called Snapper. She'll be nine this October and her black fur is turning brown. I have no idea if this a type fur-tan, or she's greying cat-style. AND we(my mother and I) also have a Westie basically just given to us, and her name is Scout; she is named after little girl in To Kill a Mockingbird. ^___^

I'mma gonna go now. :D I have things to do and I'm hungry. ;)

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