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I always get "witchy" in the fall. Hell, I've already made ogham staves for myself and decorated them! O_O

I love, love, LOVE divination. I'm pretty good with tarot cards, and what sucks is that I do not own any at the moment. :( BUT, I found a site where I can print some off. I don't have a living printer at the moment, so that means a trip to the library. Every page printed is 25 cents. Luckily, I found some mini tarot cards that are only four pages! And some cool 'how-to' deal that is two pages - I've forgotten a lot - and so I just need $1.50 for the printer. ^___^


"Don't you love fall in New York? Reminds me of school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils, if I only knew your name and address" - You've Got Mail

^That is my favorite movie hands down. I could probably watch it all day and not get tired of it.


Another reason to love autumn is the fact of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins' birthday on September 22nd! WHOO! I always try to read Fellowship of the Ring on their birthday, but never go very far in the book. D:< Gah! * flails* What is wrong with this picture! It's not like there is a local pub nearby singing hobbit drinking songs as I live in a dry county who probably doesn't approve of halflings of any kind. Remember: Hobbits Are a Tolkien Minority!*


I have somehow made the top of my nightstand fantasyland. Mini copy of Middle-earth above it, Japanese how-to set on it, along with a fantasy/sci-fi short stories book, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in a trilogy of five, and VHS tapes of LOTR:FOTR and the first Harry Potter movie. In front of all those books are two Entertainment Weekly 'zines about Star Trek and Star Wars, and a special magazine about Tolkien/ Tolkien's world. AND and a mass market paperback copy of Redwall I am going to read at some point soon (hopefully).


Well...I guess I have filled you in somewhat....or something....

HOW are you all?



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